The world’s most expensive number plate is ‘F1’ and it is on sale for $20 million


The world’s most expensive number plate comes with an asking price of £14.4 million (or $20.5 million in US money). The “F1” registration plate is owned by Afzal Kahn, founder of Kahn Design, and is listed for sale for the first time in a decade. It is believed to be the most sought after number plate in the whole world given its links to the pinnacle of motoring – Formula 1. The F1 number plate was last seen on Kahn’s $1.7 million Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, and was purchased back in 2008 for the now seemingly bargain price of £375,000 (approx. $5,75,000) from Essex Council.

The Essex Council had the number plate for more than 104 years and Kahn believes he paid much less for it than its actual value.  The number plate is now listed on with a base fee of £12million, but with the addition of VAT and taxes the price will climb to £14.4 million. If sold at that price, the F1 number plate will absolutely demolish the current record that is held “D5” number plate from the city of Dubai which the Dubai-based businessman Balwinder Sahani paid $10 million for in 2016.


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