Sergio Ramos faults UEFA for staging 2018 Champions League final in Kiev


Real Madrid captain, Sergio Ramos, is not happy with UEFA’s decision to hold the 2018 Champions League final in Kiev as fans continue to struggle with travel problems.

Kiev, the Ukrainian capital has failed to cope with the influx of fans around the world ahead of the final.

Two airports ran out capacity and hotel prices have soared to astronomical levels

Around 1,000 Liverpool fans were left stranded when four flights were canceled Thursday due to a lack of landing slots, though another flight was later added, and around the same number of Real fans gave back tickets after being deterred by travel problems.

“To reach some countries sometimes it’s a bit more complicated. I’m sure many fans would have preferred to have the game closer to home to facilitate them,” Ramos told reporters ahead of the game.

“This could be taken into consideration when organizing such finals.”

“Those that have come, almost all of them will try to give us all their love.”today ng

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