Parents, your girls are “selling” their future!!!

Temilolu Okeowo

Dear daughter of Zion and chastity expert,

I say more power to your to your elbow. Keep the good works rolling. I tell you people like me receive a lot of sense from you.

Ezeugwa Ijeoma

Dear ma,

Your words, inspiration and advice to the youth are excellent. You will live to reap your labour mummy.

Onyedikachi Olla

Dear Aunty Temi,

I’m 17 years old. I lost my virginity this year and since then, the only thing I understand is sex. I started work in a hotel, my boss asked me out and I agreed because I didn’t want to lose my job. We had sex almost every day and I even got pregnant and terminated it. I have just discovered that he’s my sister’s boyfriend. I’m in love with him. What should I do now please?

Miss A.

Parents of my darling, precious, glorious, dignified, world-famous and heavenly celebrated Nigerian sisters,

Do you know your daughter could be experiencing what Miss A has been dealing with? A 17-year-old is still a baby, no matter what anyone says! What does she know about love, life, sex other than the thrills it’s been giving her body? Isn’t it so obvious this girl could be under a spell? She not only opened up her life to a pervert and all his strange multiple sex partners at 17, she already laid a foundation of trouble by terminating a pregnancy and getting addicted to sex! Yet in love with him!!! She’s turned to his moron! Worse still, if he dumps her which is imminent, she’ll move on to the next man who wants to use her and she goes on and on if care isn’t taken. Lord have mercy on your children!!! MUST POVERTY MAKE PEOPLE CHEAP? EVEN A LOT OF RICH KIDS SELL THEMSELVES CHEAPLY BECAUSE THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY’RE DOING! WHAT VALUES ARE YOU GIVING YOUR CHILDREN?

  1. Any girl who can’t write a simple sentence in English correctly and yet has her brain full of romance and boyfriends instead of striving hard to get good education and pursue a fulfilling life is selling her future.
  2. Any girl who is out of high school and yet to gain admission into the university whose priority is her boyfriend and how she has to prove her love for him and make him stay by engaging in sexual intercourse with him is selling her future.
  3. Any girl who is ready to sleep with a man in exchange of one favour or the other has already sold her future! She has laid a foundation for a satanic siege over her life- a cruel foundation of SEXUAL EXPLOITATION, SLAVERY AND BONDAGE!

There are more wizards on the streets than ordinary men. A lot of these older men know girls who carry unusual virtues, goodness and spirituality that can give them the world! They know girls who are wealth personified just by looking at their foreheads and they take advantage of these girls’ ignorance and wipe away all God in His benevolence has given them to live a fantastic, wondrous, glorious life to compensate you in future. This is given away cheaply on the altar of sex for an iphone, hair extensions, designer bags that your annual income can’t purchase. What would enable so many girls buy themselves an aircraft before age 40 has been exchanged for just one trip to Dubai! MY GOD, PLEASE RESCUE SOMEONE TODAY! PLEASE STOP JUST 1 DESTINY FROM SINKING!!! Today’s young men appear to be even worse because they want to get rich quick, quick! They seek counsel and power from “elders” who tell them to look for and teach them how to discern girls with bright stars they can tap from or STEAL OUTRIGHT! SO MANY GIRLS CREATED WITH THOUSANDS OF STARS HAVE BEEN REDUCED TO EMPTY CANS, EMPTY BARRELS! WHAT A TRAGEDY! This is the reason why I keep hammering on holiness, purity of the mind, chastity, SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE, SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE AND SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE! A lot of you parents don’t know the type of stars you have as children, how then will these kids know? How would they pursue their destiny when they don’t know they have an UNBELIEVABLE GREATNESS AHEAD OF THEM WHICH WILL REWRITE THEIR FAMILY HISTORY AND DROWN ALL THE HARDSHIP THEY EVER EXPERIENCED? There’s someone reading who has been told the genesis of his/her problem is the person he/she slept with! A lot of you know one family member or the other who was a shining star as a youth but shot down as a result of wrong marriage and since then completely knocked down by life, unable to get up, roaming about in hard struggle in a harsh, wicked world. What a waste! Excuse me; it could have been wrong copulation. Though, copulating is marriage! There are some destinies which one should never come in contact with! There are some destinies that are enemies to one’s destiny! THIS IS A VERY SERIOUS MATTER! I’ve been chatting with Miss A. and we’re addressing the matter!

To be continued!

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