No longer at ease as Theresa May attacks Trump on Steel, Aluminium tariff

May hits Trump on Steel tariff

Theresa May,  the UK’s Prime Minister  has hit back at Donald Trump’s  decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminium producers.

The tariff has pushed the EU to the brink of a trade war with the US.

In her first direct intervention, more than 24 hours after the US announced the tariffs would be imposed on the EU, Canada and Mexico, May said the US should immediately rethink its decision.

She warned that it would have ramifications for US defence projects.

“I am deeply disappointed at the unjustified decision by the US to apply tariffs to EU steel and aluminium imports.

“The US, EU and UK are close allies and have always promoted values of open and fair trade across the world.

“Our steel and aluminium industries are hugely important to the UK, but they also contribute to US industry including in defence projects which bolster US national security.” she said

May also noted  that the EU and UK “should be permanently exempted from tariffs” and Britain would work with the bloc to protect and safeguard workers and industries.

The EU has opened a case at the World Trade Organization after the US imposed a 25 per cent duty on European steel and a 10 per cent duty on European aluminium on Friday.

“We are not in a trade war, but we are in a very difficult situation caused by the United States.

“The US is playing a dangerous game here.” said Cecilia Malmström, the EU trade commissioner. Source NAN

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