Jennifer Lopez will perform until her body ‘starts aching’

Jennifer Lopez has promised fans that she will continue performing until her body “starts aching”.

The superstar is one of the busiest women in Hollywood, juggling her commitments with TV show Shades of Blue with her All I Have residency in Las Vegas.

While Jennifer’s hectic lifestyle may take a toll on her body, she has now shared that she’s determined to keep dancing and singing for as long as possible.

“Listen, at some point, I’m going to age. They’ll say, ‘She looks old!’ But, right now, I’m holding it together,” she said in an interview with Emmy magazine, adding that her baseball star boyfriend Alex Rodriguez recently praised her athleticism. “The other day, Alex was across the lawn, and I brought him something, and then I ran away. And he said, ‘You run like you’re 25 years old.’ I haven’t stopped that pace, so I’m still at that pace, I guess. When things start aching more, it’ll be different.”

Jennifer went on to explain that she feels most at home when performing for her fans. However, she dislikes being in the spotlight at parties or when attending events.

“I’m good at the showgirl stuff. I’m good at being onstage, doing a photoshoot, the stuff I need to be good at for my job. And I enjoy it,” the 48-year-old shared. “I know how to work it and make it work. But I don’t need to be the centre of attention. I’d rather not talk to people at a party. I’m not that person.”

At the end of the day, Jennifer is a bit of a homebody and enjoys nothing more than having a nice dinner and relaxing bath at home. And nothing is more important than her 10-year-old twins Max and Emme, who split their time between Jennifer’s home and their father Marc Anthony’s place in Miami, Florida.

“All of that (personal) stuff takes priority over the work stuff,” she smiled.



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