Girly-girly’ vibe! Why Kenyan girls are in love with Nairobi’s hottest matatu bus, Soliana

Most people associate colour pink with women. You know, the all ‘girly-girly’ vibe.

Rarely do you find a mathree sporting the colour pink. However, Soliana, which plies the Dagoretti- city centre route is defying this trend.

Nicknamed, Rainbow Princess, it is much-loved by the girls!

Solaina emerged number five during the 2016 mathree competition.

“It came out from ‘riko’ a few days ago. Guys just won’t stop praising it. It was the first mathree to install a whistler,” says Gee Ngare.

He adds that, “It’s simplicity, yet well executed beautiful girl theme has won hundreds of passengers who marvel at it.”

Solaina is the only nganya on the route with screens installed behind passenger seats, in addition to another big screen at the front.

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