Don Jazzy fires his bodyguard caught on camera screaming at a woman

Man videoed shouting at a woman who allegedly told him to park properly at a Lagos restaurant, gets fired by his employer .

He allegedly got fired after the video went viral and his employer was contacted – It turned out his employer was Don Jazzy Earlier on, posted a video of a man screaming at a woman at a restaurant in Lagos. The video went viral as some persons were clearly outraged by this incidence.

A Twitter user by the name “DoreenGLM” who is a friend to the lady in the video initially tweeted the incidence when it occurred. She recently just tweeted that the guy who was caught on camera screaming at the woman had been fired from his job by his employment.

According to Doreen, a friend of hers saw the video and recognized the guy as employee of someone she knew so she went ahead to alert the employer of his behaviour. did some investigation and discovered the identity of the man in the video. His handle on Instagram is @chidimavin and on his bio is clearly reads ”Don Jazzy’s Body Guard”.

His bio on Instagram
Source: Instagram

Don Jazzy however has not commented on the issue and neither has Mr. Chidi, the man in question. naij

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