Lagos Agog As Mummy Maggie Celebrates 71st Birthday

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Like a model on the runway, she catwalked down the magnificent marble staircase to meet her glamorously dressed guests already seated comfortably.

Blessed with a spotless body glowing like the neon lights, she looked round the sitting positions and lets out an infectious smiles, a sign of satisfaction and an approval of what she expected for her day.

With gaiety and athleticism of a sportsperson, she shifted from table to table hugging every single guest, known and unknown, at the ocassion, with an affectionate passion that defined her personality.

She is 71 and still counting but there is nothing to show that she has really come of age, except for the glorious crown of grey hair that bedecked her head.

Blessed with a beautiful body of a young blood and a killer shape like a sculptural works of arts capable of causing accidents if she had to take a walk along a busy road, many had wondered how she was able to keep hersef physically fit and attractive at her age. They could be heared tapping from her longevity and praying to God to be like her when they have come of age. She was indeed a delight to behold.

That is the story of Mummy Maggie, the mother of Nollywood sexy screen diva, TV presenter and an anchor of popular TV programme, Bold Faces, Tricia Esiegbe Kerry, who celebrated her 71st birthday in a glamorous fashion recently.

The event held at the magnificent edifice, The Kerry’s Penthouse, Eden’s Garden, Lekki – Lagos, was a gathering of the creme de la creme of the society.

At exactly 4pm, the Penthouse was already a beehive of activities as the peaceful existence of the estate was shattered by the zooming sounds of exotic cars disemboweling the fashionable guests for the occasion. And Tricia and Kerry were a good hostess and host as they were on ground to receive them with warm embrace. They ensured nobody lacked anything. And those who attended the occasion had a lot of story to tell.

Mummy Maggie, the woman at the centre of attraction, did not disappoint. She was the best dancer of the day.

As the DJ screeches his discs, rolling out various tunes in tadem with the occasion, the audience were held spellbound as they wriggled and twisted their bodies to the admiration of all. One noticeable dancer among them was the celebrant herself whose rhythmic dance steps were out of this world.

As the musical vibrations hit its pitch and the dancers pleasant to behold, she became turbo charged and followed every tune with the best moves nobody believed she could take. At 71, nobody thought she could do the tricks associated with every modern move in dance step. It was indeed an amazement.

The high point of the occasion was the cutting of the cake, as every guest present struggled for a space to be part of the exercise, no one wished to be left out in memory of the day.

Thereafter, it was dining, wining and dancing, even into the wee hours of the day

Some of the guests present included Nollywood icon, Saint Obi, Monalisa Chinda and beautiful daughter, Eucharia Annunobi, Lilian Bach, Chidi Mokeme, Uche Iwuji, Omoni Oboli and husband, Pastor Idahosa, among others.

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