Unveiled! Directors’ Guild of Nigeria (DGN)

DGN President, Fred Amata


The Directors’ Guild of Nigeria (DGN) is a professional body for Directors involved in the creative sector (Film/Television/Stage) in Nigeria. The Directors’ Guild of Nigeria is the apex guild in the audio visual sector of the creative industries.

The guild was established primarily for the welfare and protection of members and their works, and to assist in creating a workable environment through its constant interface with Corporate Nigeria, Non-Governmental Organizations, various governments’ MDAs and relevant International Organizations.

The Directors’ Guild of Nigeria is custodian of the art & culture of filmmaking in Nigeria constantly seeking frontiers to promote and maintain international standards worthy of the film making culture in Nigeria.

Founded in 2001, we run Guild membership in 6 zones of the Nigerian Federation. These are in Abuja (FCT), Asaba, Benin, Enugu, Lagos and Portharcourt.

 We Aim…

To bring together industry players to build required capacity to tap into the opportunity that this sector provides and attract the investment that this sector provides to enable the industry reach its full potential.


The Guild’s primary thrust is to encourage and maintain high standards of the Practice, whilst ensuring member protection.

  • Founded in 2001 –
  • First president was Mr. Mathias Obahiagbon
  • Membership includes directors in Film, Television, Commercials, Directors for Hire and Sundry.
  • Has almost 500 hundred members in most states in Nigeria

The current president is Mr. Fred Amata


 From The President

Nigeria has evolved a wholesome ingenious approach to the intricate art of film making. The phenomenal rise and acceptance of Nollywood the world over was realized through the efforts, sweat and blood of a few who carried the Nigerian ‘can do spirit’.

The core of these few relentless creative sojourners evolved an art form, so practical in its appeal so endearing in its acceptance. That today Nollywood is a recognized name the world over from Africa, to the West Indies, from Europe to Asia, the world has begun the effort to understand the success of Nollywood.  The years it took to build Nollywood to a level of international acceptance, were mid-wifed ever too often, by the contribution of key leaders from Directors Guild of Nigeria.

DGN has taken its leadership position both in the evolution and practice of the film making art in Nigeria, as the custodian of the film making art of Nigeria. Ensuring the development of structures and policies for a vibrant environment.  DGN as the custodian of the film art of Nigeria is continuously thriving and striving to maintain the originality of the art, ensuring growth indices in the global cinema experience and a steady association.

DGN is open to progressive engagements, collaborations, co-productions, exchange programs the world over that ensures sustainable development for the guild the industry and the film making art of Nollywood.

DGN is poised to be conduit to initiating and actualizing the continued growth in the film and allied industries, engaging, the film community worldwide, governments, corporate, public and private organization in a relentless pursuit of excellence.




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