Creative Designers’ Guild of Nigeria In View


The Creative Designers’ Guild of Nigeria is one of the guilds in Nollywood, Nigerian film Industry. The guild is responsible for the creative art department of the film Industry.
It has four departments namely:
Property Managers, Make up artists, Costume Designers, and Set Designers.
It is purely a professional body devoid of partisan, political or religious sentiments.
In 2002 the guild was formed alongside other guilds and Iyen Agbonifo Obaseki became the first president in an election keenly contested by other members and conducted by
Mr. Sobiafaa Diminas.
Sele O. Sele is the current President of the guild.
He became president after standing unopposed in an election conducted by the guild electoral committee Chairman Mr. Biodu Abe.(OON) on the 9th of November 2017.
Membership is open to all Nigerians that are in the Creative department of movie making or practicing in Nollywood, Irrespective of their gender or state of origin.
The guild has members and chapters in all the states…

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