All You Need To Know About Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN)

AGN President, Emeka Rollas


Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN)

The Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) is an umbrella union that regulate and represent the affairs of film actors in Nigeria and abroad The body is currently headed by Emeka Rollas who serves as President since August 22, 2017

Past presidents

Ejike Asiegbu

Ibinabo Fiberesima

Emeka Ike

Lari Williams,

Segun Arinze,

Ejike Asiegbu

Zack Orji.
Present executive

Emeka Rollas (President)

St. Maradona Mikevine  ( Treasurer )

Frank Dallas (PRO)
AGN Membership

For you to become a qualified actor in Nigeria, you must join AGN. (Actors Guild of Nigeria), either at the national level or with your state branch for a specified fee.

You have to go through their normal registration and screening process to be a full member.

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