Traditional Marriage Rites in Mbaise, Imo State

The marital requirements in the eastern parts of Nigerian fall on the high side when compared with other ethnic groups.

The Mbaise people of Imo state are known for their rich culture and more for higher quests of education which often influences the marriage requirements of their educated daughters. The more educated an Mbaise lady is the more it will cost a potential suitor.

The traditional marriage rites in Mbaise are highly criticized by other ethnic groups in the country because of the requirements expected of suitors.

One true fact about traditional marriage requirements and list in Mbaise is that it varies from family to family. Not all families demand for too much but majority of them do. Below are list of items that must be provided by the groom in some families before he is cleared for marriage.

  1. Traditional Marriage List For The Family
  • Ego maternity N1,000
  • Body cream, lux soap and big towel
  • Ego ogo cherem N 50,000
  • Tubers of yam 20
  • 20 sizable Snails 20
  • Stockfish 1 big tray
  • Ibu or Ngwa Efere Nwanyi:
  • Fourty tubers of yam
  • One tin of red oil (palm oil)
  • Two legs of goat (Ukwa anu ewu)
  • Morning rose powder
  • 25 pomade
  • Ten packets of Sugar
  • Ovaltine – 2 big size
  • Bar soap – 1 carton
  • Tablet soap – 1 carton
  • One carton of bar soap
  • One carton of tins of milk
  • Twenty four loaves of bread
  • One bag of rice
  • One carton of tin tomatoes
  • Five to ten pieces of Okporoko (Stockfish)
  • Two pieces of Hollandis wrapper
  • 25 litres of Kerosene
  • 2 bags of salt
  • Six crates of Soft drink
  • 40 bulbs of sizable Onions
  • Ten thousand naira, Ego ala abo
  • One thousand naira, Ego nfotu ite
  • Two big basins
  • Two family sized umbrellas
  • George material – 2 pieces
  • One rubber of Groundnut oil (25 litres)
  • Blouse material – 2 pieces
  • Two Head ties of high quality
  • Wrist watch – 1
  • Two pairs of shoes
  • Big box
  • Lamp
  • Hand bag
  • One or more pieces of Nigerian wax
  • Gold necklace and ear ring


Section 1

Traditional Marriage List For First Daughters In The Family (Umuada):

  • Bottles of seaman’s schnapps 2
  • Packets of Benson and Hedges 8
  • heads of tobacco with potash 8
  • Goat for umunna 1
  • Crates of soft drink 1
  • Carton of malt1
  • Cartons of star beer 2
  • Carton of Guinness small stout 1
  • Gallons of palm wine or cash equivalent
  • Bottles of Ground snuff 2
  • Lump sum (Ogbe-ego) N2,000
  • Kola nuts or the monetary equivalent 8



  • Kola nuts or cash equivalent 20
  • Gallons of palm wine or cash equivalent 20
  • Crates of minerals
  • cartons of maltina 2
  • cartons of Guinness small stout 2
  • cartons of star beer 1
  • One roll of Benson and Hedges
  • Heads of tobacco with potash 12
  • bottles of seaman’s schnapps 4
  • bottles of ground snuff 4
  • Ego ala ezi N1,500
  • Officers money N1,000


Section 3

  • kola nuts or cost price 32
  • gallons of palm-wine or cost price 30
  • Crates of minerals 2
  • Cartons of maltina 2
  • Cartons of Guinness small stout 2
  • Crates of Star beer 1
  • Two rolls of Benson and Hedges
  • Heads of tobacco with potash 32
  • Bottles of seaman’s schnapps 4
  • Umunna Ahuna Ego 10
  • Toasting of wine
  • 1 bottle of seaman’s schnapps with 500 naira for Onye Eze (Village chief)
  • Ego Umuama N1,000
  • Ego mpatu Anya (Jealousy money) N1,200
  • Ego mkpotu (Noise money) N1,400
  • Ikpo Onu Aku Nwanyi (Bride price)  Negotiable


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