Top Fast Food Options in Nigeria

The fast food industry is one of Nigeria’s best performing sectors due top affordability and convenience. Over the years the fast food industry has experienced a lot of growth. The fast food industry in Nigeria through the creation of employment opportunities is a key contributor to the economy.

With the emergence of Mr Bigg’s Nigerians have developed a love for fast food especially during the holiday season. Home grown chains have sprung up all over the country offering traditional Nigerian food as well as foreign snacks. Lovers, married couples, families, friends, would not pass on the opportunity to relax and eat their favourite snack in a conducive environment. So here are a few of the best places to relax and eat.


Sweet Sensation


Kehinde Kamson is the founder of this wonderful fast food joint which boast of 28 locations around the country. It serves a variety of traditional Nigerian food as well as western food such as chips, beef, pasta and pastries. With excellent service, beautiful environment, and delicious food, sweet sensation is one fast food you’ll want to visit over and over again.


Mama Cass

Charis Onabowale owner of Mama Cass has taken Nigerian fast food to a whole new level by taking it international with branches overseas. In Nigeria, Mama Cass has outlets in Edo, Ogun, Abuja and 7 restaurants in Lagos which serve a variety of classic Nigerian dishes.


Domino’s Pizza


American Pizza chain, Domino’s is one of the recent International fast food chain to open in Nigeria. It has over ten thousand franchise outlets around the world with three of them in Lagos. The Lagos outlets are in Victoria Island, Lekki1 and Ikeja. Domino’s offers the best Pizza you have ever had along with an awesome delivery service.


Mr Bigg’s

The first fast franchise restaurant to open in Nigeria started in 1973. It now has over 160 outlets in Nigeria with 57 of them in Lagos. It is one the most popular fast food joint in Nigeria. Famous for its meat pie, Mr Bigg’s is definitely a top choice if you want to get a snack or a classic Nigerian dish.


Tastee Fried chicken


Inspired by KFC, Olayinka Pamela Adebayo set up Tastee in Nigeria to give Nigerians a feel of good fast food. It doesn’t serve chicken alone as the name suggests but also a variety of classic Nigerian dishes. It currently has 12 outlets in Lagos which offer the best environment as well as service to keep its customers very satisfied.



KFC is an international fast food which opened in Nigeria. They are currently the biggest international competitors in Nigeria. They not only sell their famous chicken but also fish burger and vegetable fried rice.

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