Top 6 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Marry Out Of Pity

One big mistake most people make is marrying out of pity; it is not that they love that person or want to spend the rest of their lives with that person, but they feel compelled to marry that person because of pity and a marriage like this usually ends in regret.

Marrying out of pity is never a good thing so if you must marry, it should be out of genuine love and affection. Here are some reason why you should never marry out of pity.

You might eventually meet someone you’re actually interested in: “This is one of the biggest risks associated with getting married out of pity; you might eventually meet someone you really care about and want to be with and once this happens, your marriage can never be happy, and more often than not, you’ll start cheating on your spouse”.

The love wouldn’t be genuine: “Genuine love is true and comes from within; it cannot be forced or fake but when you marry out of pity, your love can never be true or genuine’.

You’ll feel like you’re doing your partner a favour: “You know that feeling of getting married to someone you truly love?you’d never get that when you marry out of pity; it will feel like you are doing your partner a favour to be with them, and such a marriage will never be a happy one”.

The marriage will lack spark: “When love is missing, care will be missing as well and this will also affect the romance; your marriage will definitely lack spark”.

You might regret it bitterly: “When you marry out of pity, you’d most likely spend the rest of your life in regret; the first few months of the marriage might seem okay but regret will follow in the long run”.

Contempt will follow: “It wouldn’t take too long for contempt to follow; you’ll begin to harbour secret hatred for your partner for no reason, and no matter what that person does, you’d never be happy”. Purity Tips

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