The Other Room: Raging Passion In The Car With My Fellow Girl are sitting here talking about everything and anything. I throw the questions and she answers them, quite shyly. She tells me she loved singing when she was younger but not anymore. She tells me she hates cooking. She also tells me had her first kiss was when she was 7 with her cousin, they were young and unafraid. I keep throwing random questions and she answers, giggling like a little girl from time to time.

‘Who did you have your best sex with?’

The question stops me in my tracks and throws me off guard from a skyscraper to the very last floor. How do I begin to tell her my best sex was with a girl, Linda? She was the sexiest thing ever. This is not because she had big boobs and butt as she had none of those but with every time she makes it feel like it was my first; new, exciting, hot.

‘My best sex was with a girl. Her name is Linda.’

‘Wow. Tell me about it.’ she sounds excited.

‘I don’t know where to start.’

‘Then show me.’ she whispers softly pulling my blouse.

I feel something hot going through my body. Even though we have been roommates for six months, I and Sharon have never discussed our sexuality. We are out to have dinner and sex is the last thing on my mind. Linda is the only girl I have ever shagged and the thought of doing it with someone else feels quite strange.

‘Here? In this car?’

‘I don’t see why not.’ she whispers in my eye as her tongue gently sucks my earlobe at the same time. She has just pulled the bull by the horn, my ears are my weakness. With one hand I draw her closer and with the other, I fumble with her see-through net top which she has no brassiere underneath. Our lips meet and the softness of her succulent full ones makes me thirsty, for more. I press my tongue into her mouth and at the same time cup her breasts. They are full and sloppy. I had always fantasised about having them in my face and sucking them empty. A moan escapes her lips and I grab harder pressing her hard nipples.

She throws back her head and I kiss her neck, biting softly. I make my way down her chest and buries my face between her melons. That I have all those softness to myself unlocks my wildness.I slip my hands easily down her short leather skirt and it feels like it’s raining there. I press her clit between my fingers and she moans loudly. The warmth and tightness that meets me when I put my finger in almost makes me grow crazy.

I bend to have a taste and just then sharp light flashes in through the window and startles me. She’s lost in another world and doesn’t notice. The driver in front of us is flashing his rear light at us and impatiently honking his horns at the same time, appears his car is trapped. Sharon is awake to what is happening now and has stopped moaning. I curse underneath my breath and drive out. He stops momentarily, flashes his middle finger at us and speeds off. We sit there looking into space, the moment lost.

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