The Advent Of Okada In Nigeria

Motorcylce taxi popularly known as okada in Nigeria has been used as a means of transportation in Nigeria especially in streets. The word okada was gotten from a defunct local airline in Nigeria known as Okada Air. The motorcycle taxi has been in existence in Nigeria since the 1970s and became popular in the late 1980s.

The economic downturn gave rise to okada as a means of employment for youths as well as fast transportation for workers. Today okadas have become one of the primary mode of transportation in Nigeria mainly because it’s cheap, can manoeuvre through bad traffic and bad roads. Formerly restricted to streets and bad roads okadas today can be found on some Nigerian highways.

Even though the emergence of okada taxi has brought about the increased occurrence of accidents on Nigerian roads, many Nigerian commuters still prefer the Okada to a bus or a taxi. Today many Nigerians would argue that the okada is as comfortable as a bus adding to the fact that it gets you to your destination faster in an ever existing traffic.  Below are some of the street bikes that have been used in Nigeria.

For those who used the commercial motor cycle in the early 2000 will remember this motor cycle. Conveying two passengers mostly this motorcycle wasn’t the most comfortable due to its small seat.


This Honda  and Qlink Bike are very strong bikes mostly found in the east and south south part of Nigeria. The Motorcycles are  able to travel long distances with two passengers.



The boxer is among the new generation bikes that were imported in Nigeria from India. According to riders in Nigeria the fancy bike is very strong and its parts available.

TVS came after the Bajaj but didn’t last on the Nigerian roads after riders complained about the bike being too fragile.

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