Silly phone thief exposes self, uploads photo on owner’s WhatsApp account

A woman who went to condole with her bereaved neighbour ended up stealing a phone from the house.

The woman, Nobuhle Moyo, stole the phone belonging to the late husband of her neighbour during the funeral, all along pretending to be a sympathiser to the grieving wife.

The widow, Lynethy Mapenzauswa, 65, who was grieving over her husband’s death later realised that his phone was missing.

Immediately Moyo laid hands on the phone, she reportedly switched it off and hid it in her underwear. Consequently, a diligent search by other concerned guests yielded nothing, and Moyo seemed to have had the laugh laugh.

However, two weeks later, Moyo changed the deceased’s WhatsApp profile picture and put hers up, not knowing that she needed to create a WhatsApp account of her own, instead of continuing with her neighbour’s late husband’s account.

Elated, she made her profile status read, “I’m happy.”

The happiness didn’t last long, though, as the deceased’s daughter, Stella Mapenzauswa, noticed Moyo’s profile picture on her late father’s WhatsApp display picture.

She then downloaded it and sent it to her mother, who confirmed that it was Moyo’s image.

The case was reported to the police, which led to her arrest.

She appeared before the Western Commonage magistrate Stephen Ndlovu and pleaded guilty to a theft charge.

She was fined $100 and ordered to return the cell phone. Punch

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