Shock as wife hires brother to impersonate husband, empties retirement savings account

A 58-year-old woman has been convicted of stealing her husband’s identity, through which she successfully emptied his retirement savings account, while she also fraudulently disposed of the family assets.

She made her brother to impersonate her husband of 25 years in a case that veteran financial fraud investigators confessed they had never seen anything like that before.

The Indiana woman committed the crimes while she was still married to the husband.

“This was certainly a unique case,” said Special Agent Doug Kasper, who supervised the investigation from the FBI’s Indianapolis Division.

Even after Patricia Bippus-Allen was sentenced to five years in federal prison in July after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit bankruptcy fraud, subornation of perjury, wire fraud, and aggravated identity theft, investigators remain uncertain about her motive or what she did with the money.

“What is certain, however, is that Bippus-Allen devised an elaborate bankruptcy fraud to gain access to her husband’s wages, and she made multiple unauthorised withdrawals from his retirement account — all with the help of her brother, who impersonated her husband.

In September 2010, Bippus-Allen filed a joint bankruptcy petition in both her and her husband’s name in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Indiana.

Her husband of more than 25 years had no idea she had done so.

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