S-Dot cautions MI on Homosexuality post

Rapper S-Dot on Tuesday reacted to MI’s position on the law against homosexuality in Nigeria.  The rapper posted on Twister, advising MI to be careful about expressing his opinion on an issue that is contrary to the teachings of the Christian scripture.

, Nigerian rapper, MI, had on Monday in a podcast which went viral online described the gay law in Nigeria as ‘stupid’.

The rapper had said “I feel like I have a few friends with different sexual orientations and I think it is stupid that we have that law in Nigeria. But now that we do, until the law is repealed, I feel it’s not safe to openly disclose your sexuality.”

In his reaction, S-Dot noted that the Bile had clearly declared homosexuality a sin, although most gays tried to justify it.

“Don’t get it twisted, though. God loves everyone: straight, gay or bi-sexual. But it is foolhardy to think that He loves or tolerates homosexuality,” he wrote.

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