Randy 19-year-old man rapes 49-year-old sex worker at nightclub

A 19-year-old man, Givemore Mutowo, was arraigned before a Magistrate court for raping a female sex worker, 49, at a nightclub in Zimbabwe.

The sex worker, whose name was not disclosed, runs her business at the nightclub where the incident happened, Zimnews reports.

The complainant was drinking with friends when she excused herself and went to use the ladies’ restrooms. After noticing that the toilets were dark, as there were no lights, the woman decided to go outside and make use of the bush.

The accused then ambushed the complainant and tackled her to the ground and began caressing her. He overpowered the complainant by hammering her face with a brick, tore her panties and raped her.

In his defence, Mutowo denied that he was at the nightclub on the day in question, but the state argued that a visible scar on his left hand was a result of biting by the rape victim.

The complainant said nobody seemed to have heard her cries for help during the rape probably due to the loud music that was being played in the nightclub.

Mutowo was remanded in custody until November 28 for judgment.Punch

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