Policemen torture Lagos motorcycle rider to death

A motorcycle rider known as Ibrahim Kosoko has died after he was allegedly tortured by some policemen attached to the Area D Police Command, Mushin, Lagos State.

The 41-year-old Ibrahim was among nine suspects picked up by the operatives during a raid on a shopping complex at Rainbow bus-stop, Agege-Motor Road, Mushin at around 11pm on Monday.

The policemen were said to have arrested some persons in some shops and demanded from them the whereabouts of one Ilesanmi a criminal mastemind.

Illesanmi was alleged to be among the masterminds of the mayhem that was created in the Idi-Oro area of the state sometime in April 2017.

The suspects, who denied knowing Ilesanmi’s whereabouts, were said to have been taken to the area command where they were detained.

Ibrahim was allegedly accused of being Ilesanmi by the police and was beaten silly, he was allegedly told to either confess to being Ilesanmi or give information on his whereabouts.

Ibrahim was later released but was said to have succumbed to his injuries and died on Saturday.

The widow, Funmilayo Kosoko, 39, said Ibrahim gave up on Saturday after complaining of pains.

She said, “I was told that a policeman hit him on the head with a big stick during the torture. When he returned, he complained of pains. He died on Saturday. I want the government to arrest that IPO and give us justice.”


One of the shop owners, who identified himself simply as Muazu, told PUNCH Metro that Ibrahim and other customers were arrested by the policemen last dweek Monday.

He said, “Some people were eating in my noodle shop, while some others were chatting when the policemen appeared suddenly and arrested them. I don’t know their offences. The policemen didn’t say anything.”

One of those arrested that night, who identified himself only as Azeez, said the raid occurred around 11pm.

He said, “When we got to the station, they said they were looking for Ilesanmi. Ibrahim was the one they tortured the most because the IPO, Eric, said he must tell them where Ilesanmi was. At another time, Eric said Ibrahim was the one bearing the name. The policemen took our fingerprints after which they took us to our houses to search for exhibits. They found nothing incriminating and returned us to the cell.”

Another suspect, Isiaka Gbadamosi, a vulcanizer, said the policemen punched Ibrahim on different parts of his body.

“We were there from Monday till Wednesday. I think Ibrahim sustained internal injuries from the beatings,” he added.

PUNCH Metro learnt that the owner of two shops in the complex, whose workers were also arrested, Tunde Yusuf, contacted the policeman with the IGP monitoring team, identified simply as Supol Ben.

Yusuf said he begged Ben to help in securing the bail of his workers, as well as Ibrahim.

“I own a lottery shop and a bar in the complex. My workers had closed for the day and were relaxing when they were arrested. Ben knew Ibrahim because the rider sometime took him free of charge to his destinations. When he heard about the incident, he went to mediate. But the police only released Ibrahim and Isiaka (Gbadamosi) to him,” he added.

PUNCH Metro learnt that the families of the other seven suspects paid sums ranging from N7,000 to N12,000 before they were eventually freed.

Our correspondent learnt that Ibrahim took ill shortly after returning from the police station on Wednesday.

PUNCH Metro was told that the father of four learnt tailoring as a trade, but ventured into commercial motorcycle operation to get quick money to s

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