My ex wants us to have sex before she approves my N500m construction contract


Hello Chika, I am in a dilemma right now, because I really need to cater for my wife and new born twins.

I am a caring and faithful husband to my wife, who just gave birth to a set of twins. We both worked in the banking industry when we met each other and got married.

I lost my job due to a shake up in my bank in 2014 and since then, my wife has been the one taking care of the family. She just lost her job, and God answered our prayer for a child by giving us a wonderful set of twin girls.

My wife has exhausted her savings, the shop which she opened has not been bringing the needed funds, and I have not been able to get another job since.

My friend recently introduced me to a supply job and I decided to go and submit a proposal to a government agency in my state and behold, my ex-girlfriend from University is the one in charge of awarding contracts.

We exchanged pleasantries and got talking about the old times, after which she collected my proposal and promised to help me.

She even advised me to register a construction company, since I studied civil engineering, because the state government is doing a lot of construction work.

To my surprise, the lady helped me with the money I used to register a limited liability company, so I did not need to use my friend’s company name again.

I did not want to accept her gesture, but my wife said I should accept it, since God has brought her to help me.

Two weeks ago, I got a call from her that my tender for a road construction job has been looked into, and that she wants to see me.

When I went to see her, she said she has been trying to get my attention and I have been avoiding her, now she will see if I will not meet her demand.

She told me that it is in her power to award the N500m road construction contract to me, just by signing on my tender, but I had to sleep with her.

I pleaded with her not to destroy my family and even told her my wife will feel betrayed, but she refused. I left the office dejected.

There are a lot of needs to be met in the house and my father in-law is in the hospital, the  family expects my wife, who is the first child to help with funds.

Here I am with the opportunity to get a N500m contract from which I can make at least N75m profit, going by my analysis, and my family is suffering. Please what do I do? Help me.

Hello guys, let us help this young man with our advice. Please post your comments.


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