Meals That Cause Weight Gain

There are lots of people who are overweight in Nigeria and despite hitting the gym 3 times a week they just can’t seem to lose significant weight.

Well the truth is that you have done a good thing by going for work out sessions but your inability to lose significant weight is most likely due to your unhealthy diet. For you to achieve healthy living your diet has to be checked.

I’ve put together some Nigerian meals which cannot be eaten regularly if you want to lose weight or avoid chronic obesity.


Pounded Yam

Pounded Yam is one of the Nigerian solid recipes that is eaten with various Nigerian soups with egusi soup as the popular soup eaten with it. It is a very heavy meal which possesses a lot of carbohydrate.


When you eat a large plate of pounded yam with delicious egusi soup and assorted meat you are basically eating a meal that is very high in carbohydrate and lots of calories. A big plate of pounded yam with egusi soup and meat could contain a high 1,000 calories and with the addition of soft drinks, well you know what that means

Pounded yam possesses high carbohydrate which makes it the worst meal for those trying to lose weight.



Who doesn’t like snacks? Very few people I guess, cake, puff puff, chin chin, gala, bread are few pastries eaten by Nigerians. Although they taste so delicious do not be deceived they are a very common source of weight gain. They may look light but contain lots of calories and in addition to soft drinks, well let’s just say obesity will be knocking on your door. So if you are looking to lose weight or you are being cautious, please cut down on junk food.


Soft Drinks.

This may come as a shock to some people especially those who take in lots of sugary drinks but eat less. You are in danger of weight gain by drinking too much soft drink. Most soft drinks contain lots of sugar which can make you fat. The body will only use the required level of sugar and the rest will be transported to your fat storage cells which will cause fat around your tummy and arms. So if you are really serious about weight loss please cut down on the soft drinks.

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