Weeks after Nollywood actress Oge Okoye was accused of stealing pictures of American actress Kenya Moore’s puppies and claiming them as hers on her Instagram feed, Five Star record label’s leading singer Kcee is also being accused of posting someone else’s picture of $100 bills which he claimed as his on his Instagram page.

Kcee had tagged the picture saying, “No time, God I give you praise. Just for one day #desire #mrromantic #romanticcalls.”

Now Instagram users are accusing Kcee of stealing the picture from an American Instagram user with the handle @VVS_Uno.

Although Kcee was quick to deactivate the comment section of the Instagram post, Instagram users continue to comment on the incident on the original Instagram user’s post @VVS_Uno.

An Instagram user with the handle @pinketkaunah says, “Nigerians got not chills… ya all followed this post to verify abi?”

@the_realpeter says, “Don’t know what niggas gain in flaunting wealth that you are not sure it will last forever live a simple real life @iam_kcee it’s true you are rich learn from people like @official2baba if he goes broke tomorrow nobody will know.”.

In reaction to the situation, Kcee puts up another Instagram post which has a caricature of him and Oge Okoye, having Kcee saying, “Because I took someone ‘money picture’ and posted it on my page, everyone is calling me 5star thief, that I ole okoye the picture.”

And then the picture has Oge’s caricature replying Kcee saying, “Ehen. It’s true na. Abi is it bcos you didn’t change the money name like I changed the puppies name”.

Kcee tagged the post saying “Who did this”… Lol. My love for you no go dey fall like dollar. #desire… Nigerians lol… I like it #mrromantic #romanticcalls”.

It looks like the caricature was made by an Instagram user with the handle @ugojesse which appears on the picture.

Kcee recently released a new single and video titled “Desire” to mark his 38th birthday.


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