Lady Exposes Man who Asked Her For S*x Before Offering Her A Job, shares their chat

Really? ladies this is where you can share more light, this post just exposed some things ladies go through just to get a job in Nigeria.

i guess the saying ‘Nothing goes for free’ is a fact.

Many Ladies have fallen victims of situations like this and succumb because they are left with no option.

It is so rampant this days for s*x to be exchanged for job offers.

A reader, Mpkozi Ogechi, has shared with us the screenshots of a WhatsApp conversation she had with a guy who tried to take advantage of her and lure her to bed with a job offer.

According to her, she met this guy on her way to church and he insisted on her giving him her number which she did, and then he chatted her up later on that same day.

She wrote;

I met a guy on my way going to church and he was insisting I should give him my number which I Leta did….

I don’t know how to put it but Nigeria men are very wicked dey always want to take advantage of one’s helplessness…

Let me send you the chats between us

See photos below she shared;



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