Indications Your Fridge Needs Change

How do you know your refrigerator needs to be replace?


A refrigerator is one of the commonest appliances in homes. Most homes have a fridge for storing their fruits and food items. A malfunctioning refrigerator will definitely be bad for every home. Imagine cooking your meal for the week and placing them in your fridge only to come back an hour later to meet rotten food, that wouldn’t put a smile on anyone’s face trust me.


The example I gave is an obvious indication of a faulty refrigerator.

Below are a few ways to know your fridge needs to be changed.



Food Item going bad

If your food items keep going bad before the expiration date, this could either be a sign that the temperature setting in your fridge is too high, or your fridge is walking into the light.

No matter how well maintained an appliance is, it will someday have to be changed, like the human body they get old with time.

Here are some signs of malfunction:

  • If the fan seems to be running all the time.
  • If your fridge becomes unusually loud.
  • If the temperature behind the fridge is very high
  • If icicles form within the fridge, despite high temperature
  • Quick defrost
  • Slight shock when touched
  • If it goes off on its own and comes on seconds after

While many of the above listed signs can be fixed by an appliance repair professional, a crack or cracks in the interior walls of the fridge  is a cry for replacement.

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