‘I love my husband but I can’t stop seeing my lesbian lovers’

Lesbianism is becoming rampantBisi is a happily married woman whose husband loves so much but she has a secret lifestyle that is threatening to tear her apart.

“Dear Pulse,

My name is Bisi, a 29-year-old woman who is turned between two worlds. I am married to a darling of a man, Mark, but I am what people would call bisexual. I was introduced into lesbianism in my secondary school (an all girls’ school), by my seniors who neck deep into it.

In fact, as early as 14, they had deflowered me and as I grew up, I found it difficult to let go of that lifestyle. In my days in the university, I had female lovers and though I was able to hide it to the outside world by also dating and sleeping with men, I was more comfortable with women.

When I met Mark five years ago and we fell in love, I thought I would be able to do away with my secret and shameful life but I still found myself sleeping with my female lovers. It has gotten so bad that sex with my husband is more of a boredom and I can’t even enjoy it as much as I do with my lesbian partners.

I have prayed, fasted and promised myself that I would do away with this secret addiction but I end up going back to them.

What can I do to save myself from this disgrace because I know it would be a matter of time before Mark finds out.

I am seriously worried.


Pls help advice Bisi on what to do to free herself from the grasps of lesbianism.


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