“i hope the s3x doll can call you pple daddy during s3x?” – S3x doll causing internet sensation,

Chaos on social media over s3x dolls as Nigerians take sides, some loving the idea others slamming every new photo that come their way.

Could this be a perfect replacement for ladies considering anything s3x? all photos show that these dolls are actually irresistible to some men as they stake their claims and follow on anything that will reduce their stress and protocols when it comes to having s3x with a ladies.

Some even went as far as to post their comments on IG saying;

“No Commitment, Just Bang As You Like’

Well tell me, Which Would You Prefer ‘Commitment’ Or ‘Sex Dolls’?

Another took his phone to drop his comment saying;

“Dolls don’t have STDs, Dolls Don’t Steal your Gold chain and wristwatch, Dolls don’t set u up, Dolls don’t sell your nudes to Linda Ikeji, Dolls don’t smell like dead fish, Doll is life.”

Response from an insta user

Sex doll has seriouisly rang some bells on the internet.

Sex dolls is sold for $2,000 which is accumulated to be #800,000. Who spends large for pleasure but it seems some people have really taken sides with the sex dolls.

Well to prove this we will share some screenshots of their comments below.

Starboy Wizkid did drop his own comment saying;

See more hilarious and epic comments below;

Now its your turn, take a look at these s3x dolls below and tell me what you think about them;


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