How to prepare Nigerian Jollof Rice

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Jollof rice is a popular dish eaten in Nigeria by all ages, ethnic groups and religion. Popularly served in parties with soft drinks and dodo, jollof rice is definitely a party favourite. There are different recipes to preparing jollof rice depending on how buoyant the cook is, its ingredients are unending. I will work you through how to prepare the conventional jollof and as you perfect it you can create your own recipe.



  • Rice (4 cups)
  • Beef
  • Ground fresh tomato( 1000ml)
  • Ground pepper (40-60ml)
  • Seasoning ( curry, thyme, magi, nutmeg, chicken or beef spice)
  • Vegetable oil (300ml)
  • Salt


Parboil beef with spice then extract the meat stock and pour in a bowl. Parboil rice by boiling in a pot for about 10 minutes then wash the rice with clean water before pouring into a sieve.

Deep fry your beef for about 10minutes (optional) after frying add your sliced onion into the oil and stir for about two minutes then add your ground tomatoes. Fry your ground tomato for about 30 minutes,  when the tomato is fried add the meat stock which was set aside earlier, a tea spoon of curry and thyme, two teaspoons of salt, two cups of water, about two cubes of maggi seasoning then stir and taste. Note that it should taste spicy and not salty, if it tastes too spicy don’t be alarmed, the rice will balance the taste. Add rice and cook till rice is soft and all the water is dried up.

If the water is dried up and the rice isn’t cooked you can add a little water to it and monitor till it’s cooked. Jollof rice can be eaten with salad, fried plantain and a chilled bottle of soft drink.


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