First aid steps for someone having a seizure)

Some people believe seizures/ epilepsy is contagious and can be contracted by coming in contact with those who have it. I’ve heard someone say the saliva that comes out of the mouth of anyone having an episode must not touch anyone who is seizure free or he or she will start having seizures. The worst I heard was that it is a sign of witchcraft or demonic possession. While some are frightened by the sight of someone who is having a seizure and will rather run than try to help, I won’t blame them for indeed it is quite frightening

People who are unfortunate enough to have episodes in public areas are often abandoned without any form of help. Those who come to help are often oblivious of how to do so.

Below is a way to help someone who is having a seizure

What to do

While trying to help it is very important to stay calm, look around remove object that are dangerous. It is important to not to move the person but the object which can cause harm.

Make sure you protect the head with something soft.

Do not restrain them by holding them down

Some people put things like spoon to prevent them from biting on their tongue, please that isn’t necessary

Check for how long the seizure has lasted and if it’s above 5minutes please call an ambulance.

After the seizure stops, make sure the breathing is returning to normal. Check the mouth to ensure nothing is blocking their airway such as food or false teeth. If their breathing sounds difficult after the seizure has stopped, call for an ambulance.

If they are injured, or they have another seizure without recovering fully from the first seizure please call for an ambulance.

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