Female teen locked up by teen gang members and forced to strip naked

A very disturbing video has gone viral and it shows a teenager being stri*ped, humiliated and beaten by a gang because a gram of weed went missing and they believed she was with it.

The gang of teenagers, believed to be affiliated with the Bloods gang in New York City shared the disturbing video of them assaulting the girl who they were holding against her will.

In the video, the victim, believed to be 19, is seen in a room, surrounded by at least 7 other teenagers – male and female – who then proceeded to force her to strip while it was livestreamed.

The girl refused to strip, saying she wouldn’t take her clothes off especially as cameras were on, but one of the girls goes up to her and begins hitting her even as she cries out in pain. The guys later intervened then pulled the girl away, but they kept insisting the girl takes off her clothes.

When she hesitated, the woman who attacked her earlier, hit her again and kept pulling at her clothes. “Stop,” the victim is heard screaming and crying but the assault continues.

“Take it off,” the female assailant tells the victim repeatedly and slaps her across the face as she pleads.

The victim eventually pulls off her top and lowers her jeans and the aggressive female is heard telling her to turn around and squat facing the camera. A guy is heard in the background telling her to take everything off, including her shoes and sock.

“Turn around and squat. I said, pull your pants down and squat,” the female gang member doing the beating says.

New York law enforcement have reportedly seen the video and are actively investigating the incident.

Source: Linda Ikeji’s blog

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