Big Brother Naija 2017 first runner-up, Bisola Aiyeola has announced that she would be launching a YouTube channel called IAM BISOLA on Friday, June 30.

Making the announcement on her Twitter and Instagram accounts, Bisola revealed that the YouTube channel will be dedicated to showing funny videos as well as revealing things about her life.

Bisola accompanied the video with a caption that says, “Hello beautiful people. Hope you’re well rested and ready to face the rest of the working week? I have a YouTube channel now and I would post videos on there for your viewing pleasure. It’s IAM BISOLA on YouTube and the first video would drop on Friday. Hope you would love it. Love you so much and God bless you.”

The multitalented fast-rising star who recently collaborated with Terry Apala on a track titled “Bad Girl” is set to make her cinema debut in a movie titled “Picture Perfect” on Tuesday, July 7.

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  1. Awo Mbieri says

    Very often people talk about respecting the Governor of
    our dear State. In contemplating on this, I like all of us to differentiate between the seat of Anambra

    State Government and the person occupying that seat.

    I grew up as a young man to learn that respect is reciprocal.
    What it means is that one has to respect himself and others in order to be respected.

    Now, we hear people, married people especially
    say: “at least respect him, he is somebody’s husband.” If you now see the man being referred to “as somebody’s husband” sleep
    inside the gutter because of alcohol, the same mouth that pronounced him “somebody’s husband” will
    also pronounce him a depraved man unworthy to be a husband.
    Therefore, you will hear words such as “Ndi di agaba.”

    The number one defence of Governor Willie Obiano’s [picturea bove] sycophants led by Mr.
    James Aghadinuno Eze is “at least respect the Govt. of Anambra State. Emeka Odionu and Vincent Ezechukwu must have uttered this a million times.

    Does Chief Willie Obiano deserve our respect? I will not answer for anybody, but to me, he does not and these are my 30 reasons:

    1. He has not respected himself

    2. He has not respected the State, including us that he is supposed to preside over our affairs

    3. He gets drunk on champagne everyday

    4. At over 60 years, he still bleaches.
    5. A man who caresses the buttock of people, e.g., former Speaker Chinwe Nwebili in Public and was even carried away at one occasion to pronounce it as galloped.

    6. He does not see beyond Aguleri. You wonder if rain ever falls in Aguleri under Willie! While they tell you he is not constructing road because of rain, work is going on in Agulueri

    7. Appointed over 80% of his over 300 aides (him and wife) from Agulueri

    8. Is controlled by his wife.

    9. He has official pimps that arrange women for him.

    9. He is empty- headed. This is where we blame Mr. Obi for foisting him on us.

    10. He abandoned all the projects started by previous Governments and his own.
    11. Is confirmed to be owing contractors over 100 Billion Naira. Mbadinuju will turn out to be better than him.

    12. He is a liar. If he is trying to deny the over 75 Billion Naira left for him even when documents are available to prove that, who knows how he has been denying facts not documented.

    13. He is secretly selling the patrimony of the State; example is the Onitsha Hotel and Convention Centre.

    14. He has concluded to sell Agulu Hotel, which he has not put 1 kobo since he was made the Governor.

    15. Claims he has attracted over 1.2 Billion dollars to the State by computing monies those he signed useless MoUs promised to invest in the State. The only investment working under him is Couched farm, which was attracted to the State under Obi

    16. Has not completed a single project, but is busy commissioning already commissioned project by replacing the plagues; example is the Revenue House, ASUBEB building in Awka South, pharmacy stores at Teaching Hospital, and many more.

    17 Thinking Governance is by 419 by claiming Obi’s projects as his own.

    18. Thinking governance is 419 by announcing increment in salary that is not true. He also announced that he bought vehicles for the entire department at the State University, for Directors in Civil Service, increment in subvention of the teaching hospital when they are all lies.

    19. Paying Victor Umeh monthly for doing nothing, while refusing to…

    20. Under him Anambra moved from no 1 to 10 in NECO and has moved backwards on all indices of development.

    21. Under him, international development partners have all lost hope in Anambra State.

    22. Executing projects not because of their utility, but for show, example is the three flyovers in a stretch of road that is barely 1 km.

    23. He has a convoy as long as that of President and charters flight for himself and wife for local and international flights, what his Predecessors did not do.

    24. He collects 1 billion as security votes monthly as well as spends 250 Million monthly for the office of the First Lady.

    25. Since becoming Governor, bought a bigger house in Houston; bought houses in Dubai, USA and UK; bought houses in Nigeria, the most recent being 1.5 billion Naira house in Ikoyi using a popular transporter.

    26. Paying over 100 e-rats to write against perceived enemies, especially the man that made him the Governor.

    27. Engaged known murderers as Assistants, examples being Emeka Asoanya that were among those that fingered as killing the Igwes and Onyeka Mbaso that were among cult boys that killed and ran away to the UK.

    28. Has put Anambra on the red. From a healthy state to a state that now depends on overdraft from Banks to pay salaries.

    29. Prefers leisure to work- Anambra at the receiving end.

    30. Under him, Anambra has gradually become a pariah again.

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