Amazing Nigerian Chefs

If you love good food and you want to feed your eyes or simply get ideas on what meal to try next then you must follow these chefs on instagram. Their creativity in the kitchen is breathtaking and mouth watering with picture evidence on their instagram accounts. Below are some Nigerian chefs with large followership on social media.


@Chef_fregz’@@ chef_fregz

Gbugbemi fregene is a seasoned chef who studied catering abroad but returned to Nigeria to build his brand, Chef Fregz. He focused on attracting Nigerian youths by appealing to their passion for new creative cooking. He’s arguably West Africa’s best chef and his creativity with food is one you simply cannot ignore.




Tolu Erogbogbo aka cheferos is the founder of cookie jar bakery and Eros and Gourmet a culinary service company. He is a seasoned chef who found his love for food in the University and has since gone on to become arguably the most successful chef in Nigeria.



Although she never attended an official culinary school, experience thought this beautiful mother of three how to prepare African dishes with dexterity. Her followers can attest to the fact that there is no boring moment on her instagram account.



This young culinary artist learnt how to cook from her mother, she focuses on Nigerian dishes but loves to experiment with her cooking.




This Nigerian culinary artist is one that loves to experiment with different ingredients. Her innovation in the kitchen puts her in a class of her own. Her dishes cause longings before and after a taste leaving you with an unforgettable experience. Her moi moi pie, zobo sorbet and jaji surry is a must try for anyone longing for a food orgasm.



She may be shy outside but definitely not in the kitchen, she runs a popular food blog where house wives often visit for cooking tips.

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