5 Cameras Good For Beginner

These are cameras that will help beginners enjoy photography

Pentax K-50

  • Weatherproof design
  • Great specs for beginners
  • 6fps continuous shooting, also a viable option for motion capture
  • 100% field of view viewfinder,
  • Pentax’s patented Shake Reduction system
  • High contrast pre-set filters which allows beginners to see possibilities before attempting advanced shots manually.
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR).
  • In built stabilization


 Canon EOS 100D/Canon EOS Rebel SL1

This model guides beginners until they are accustomed to how the camera operates. It is small and portable making it easier for users to carry and manipulate.

This possesses a Creative Auto mode that simplifies instructions for the layman, it also has several pre-set modes of shooting. Once you get the hang of it, you can operate manually. A quick browse through the manual or a run through on auto mode will give you the basic knowledge needed to operate manually.

It possesses both physical buttons and touch screen technology, which bridges the gap for those used to smartphone cameras. It gives room for experimentation when tweaking settings, zooming and focusing on shots which leads to much better quality for images overall.

To adjust some focus points while shooting you can tap on the areas of the screen to focus, just like you would on your phone rather than press buttons.

It possesses air filters used for Live View, it shoots at 4fps continuously with 18 megapixels. If you have small hand and you need a camera which will be easy to hold and manipulate, this is your camera.


Nikon D3300

The Nikon D3300 is beneficial to beginners because it has a special step by step guide mode which walks beginners through the various settings and how they can apply them to certain types of shot.

It possesses 24.2 megapixel count, EXPEED 4 processing engine, and a filterless sensor which gives well detailed shots. It’s an upgrade from the D3200 with less noise in the new ISO3200 JPEG image format. It offers great Video clarity even in low light, with an above-average colour reproduction, especially in the RAW files. It offers close to real life detailed colours in videos.

Its LCD screen is visible in sunlight, making outdoor shots easier while setting management. With the newly revamped LCD, you now get to view your work and settings in crisp high definition, even in sunlight.

At 55mm, D3300 out-performs its competitors with outstanding macro with sharp photos. It also has a 5fps continuous shooting speed, 1080 HD video support, and its 18 to 55mm lens retracts which makes it portable. The camera is also designed to be light, and has a comfortable grip that feels very stable.

The design incorporates the SD slot in the grip side, and not inside the battery bay. This totally eliminates the problem of having to remove the battery before fixing in a new card.


Canon EOS 1200D

A cheaper alternative to Canon’s 100D is the 1200D. The spec doesn’t stand up to some of the newer cameras on the market but it is a solid entry level DSLR. It has an 18MP sensor, 3fps continuous shooting speed, RAW and JPEG file formats, and you can load up a beginners guide through its smartphone app to help guide in usage. It also shoots 1080p HD video.

. Those who have issues with quickly bringing camera up, focusing and shooting an action shot, do not have to worry. It comes with a companion app for the camera which is great for beginners, and the quick focus feature is great for snapping off a fast shot.

1200D is definitely one of the easier to use cameras from Canon. Its great colour reproduction makes sure that colours in your shots are as similar to the real world as is humanly possible.


Nikon D3200

The D3200 is an upgrade on theD3300 it lacks the retracting lens and anti-alias-free sensor, but at 24mp, 5fps speed, and 1080P video, it’s still a formidable camera for any beginner

It makes use of a guide mode a feature which helps beginners to the D-SLR game to transition easily. Transition from traditional cameras to the more complex ones is quite difficult for beginners but the guide mode Nikon has on nearly all its cameras means you won’t have problems operating it.

It has great picture quality, even at high ISOs, and is compact enough to pull out for a quick shot. The video shot from the D3200 focuses continuously while shooting, which you don’t see on cheaper cameras. It allows users to take crystal clear video with no trouble at all.

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