Ferried in a lorry: How Doreen Gatwiri’s husband was arrested

Early this month’s domestic violence drama pitting former Ebru TV girl Doreen Gatwiri and her husband, Mwingi Central Gideon Mulyungi, ended in a dramatic arrest of the legislator, photos now reveal.

Doing rounds on social media, the photos show the rich Mulyungi sitting alone in a police lorry after he was apprehended and taken to Hardy Police Station in Karen, Nairobi.

This follows a string of tweets from the TV anchor that set things on motion that the MP had allegedly battered her and that she had fled her palatial Karen home fearing for her life.

The MP in the lorry [Photo: Courtesy]

“I took a taxi, went to Hardy Police (Station) to report the case, currently under investigation, then to the Avenue Healthcare and later to my friend’s place in Kileleshwa,” Gatwiri told The Nairobian at the time.

Gatwiri then sought treatment at Avenue Hospital for injuries to the back of her head. Her P3 form stated that she had also sustained injuries to her ear, around her neck.

She told the Nairobian that the incident was not the first and she had endured three years of domestic abuse.

“I was locked in the house on different occasions. I once almost missed my oral law exams and on another day, received a warning letter for skipping work,” said Gatwiri.

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